Why have Piano Lessons for Kids

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  • January 25, 2013 5:56 pm

yamaha piano used for piano lessons in singaporeWhy have Piano Lessons for Kids? – Who does not have a love of music? Whether you are a casual listener, humming away to the radio while you work, or a devoted lover of fine musicianship – music is important to us all. While computers are gradually taking over as the key component in many fields of art, there will always be room for human talent. There are still people out there who have respect and admiration for those who are dedicated enough to learn how to play a real instrument. If you want to give your child something that they can truly cherish, why not give them the gift of piano lessons?


Why Learn Piano?

With all the technology around us these days, it can seem silly to spend time learning something as archaic as a manual instrument. After all, we can just enter some notes into a computer, record our vocals and then use some software to create a song – right? Well, this might be the case. Do you really think that computer generated music can compare with the delicate, raw and earthy tones of a real piano, played by human hands? If you do, then you are probably not going to benefit from hearing genuine music. If you want your child to experience the sheer joy of making live music with their own fingers, without any electricity or advanced technology – learning the piano is something that they need to experience.


Your Child Will Benefit From Learning Piano.

Learning an instrument, especially one as special as the piano, is extremely good for your kid. It is proven that learning any instrument works both sides of the brain: the creative side, and the analytical side. While you are experimenting with the emotions involved in creating, and feeling, soul touching music, creativity is put to work. However, it is not all about feeling. Your son or daughter will also have to think in an advanced way in order to perform a song perfectly. They will be using the analytical side of their brain in order to remember which keys to press, how the rhythms and melodies should be played, and how dynamics should be approached to give the proper feeling. After some experience performing these tasks, your kid’s mind will start to expand greatly, and they will become smarter as a benefit. Not only will their mental faculties improve – they will learn to appreciate true art in the form of music! Can you think of any greater way to develop your child both mentally and emotionally? Take the word of a trained and experienced musician, there is no better way. Not only will having a teacher show your child to play give you peace of mind; they will love it.


Playing Piano Is Fun!

Kids adore learning to play music. It gives them a sense of achievement, and it is simply a lot of fun. As soon as your child can play their first song, they will be hooked for life. Before long, they will be able to form an ensemble with fellow musicians, and start performing music together. It is a great way to socialize, and can lead to some valuable social interactions as well as long lasting friendships.


The WRONG Ways To Teach Your Kid Piano.

There are a lot of ways to learn to play the piano. Music stores have books, DVDs, CDs and internet packages. These might seem like acceptable ways to learn piano. However, you should really ask yourself if this is the best method. Without the help of a mentor figure, learning the piano is a long and tricky process. The easiest, fastest and most beneficial way to learn the piano is being trained by a professional. If you are serious about your kid learning the piano, you need to hire a teacher. Do some research and you will see that all the top piano players learnt their skills from trained teachers. There are so many great teachers out there, who offer their services for affordable rates, that learning any other way makes no sense at all.


Avoid Mass Piano Groups.

You might have seen teachers advertising for mass classes. This involves your child learning along side a group of other students, who are all struggling to share the time of one teacher. It might be a cheaper option, but it is really a waste of money. If the piano teacher is not able to devote all of their attention to your child, they are unlikely to learn properly. Listen to this advice – avoid mass piano groups. You need to hire a teacher, who will focus their complete attention to your child, and only your child. After all, you want to give them the best musical education available, right?


Piano Lessons for Kids Singapore – Hiring A Good Teacher.

If you are looking for piano lessons teachers for your kids, browse through our Piano Teachers’ Directory. We list qualified piano teachers. You can hire a private piano teacher to come to your home each week, and give your children one-on-one piano lessons. They will devote their full attention to ensuring that your child is living up to their maximum potential, and progressing speedily. Your child will develop a friendship with their piano teacher, and look forward to sharing the journey of learning to play beautiful music.